Where no airfields exist

  • STOL CH-701 low passChecking the landing spot for any obstacles, ditches etc. before actually coming in for the landing
  • STOL CH-701 low pass
  • In the traffic circuitAfter checking the landing area, it's time to fly back to start the approach
  • Full flap landingApproach at 45mph with full flaps allows precision landings and a short landing roll.
  • Taxiing on the snowThe conditions were perfect: just about the right amount of soft snow on top and harder packed snow underneath.
  • AirfieldThe same spot seen from above before heading for the home base.
  • On the sea iceOpen sea with ice cover is like a big airfield. However, it's the most challenging environment for a ski plane pilot.
  • Rough snow on the iceWind packs the snow and it becomes rock hard. In addition, wind creates dunes that may be difficult to spot from the plane unless sun is shining. A cloudy gray day with fresh snow on the ice - it's a no-go!
  • CH-701 at the North Pole
  • MerihelmiMerihelmi (Sea Pearl) is a restaurant by the Gulf of Bothnia on highway E75. You can visit it also with your ski plane!
  • Ice Fishing 7-o-funA ski plane takes you easily to remote locations, forest lakes or sea to auger in for some ice fishing!
  • The 7-o-fun fishermenNo matter if you're lucky with the fish, the ski plane makes you smile!
  • EFMEEFME, Menkijärvi is a base for glider pilots during the summer. However, during the winter its a bit quieter..
  • Nummijärvi fly-in 2013In the morning it was -27C, when departing for the fly-in. After 300km of flying we got there!
  • Nummijärvi Fly In 2013In 2013, great weather attracted both pilots and visitors. 65 aircrafts and hundreds of visitors!
  • EFSUEFSU, Suomussalmi, is located about 150km east of our base.
  • EFSUThe runway was plowed. However, with the ski plane is more comfortable to land on the side rather than in a 10 meter wide "bobsled track", especially in cross winds.
  • Over Northern Finland
  • The Puolanka RidgeThe Puolanka Ridge is approximately 100km long line of forest hills. In a reasonably flat landscape it's a great landmark for the pilots.
  • Alien invasionSomeone might wonder what happened here :)
  • Landing roll
  • Landing roll
  • Lake Sapsojärvi, SotkamoA winter fly event by the Kuhmo Aviation Club, KUIK.
  • Kuhmo Winter Fly-In 2014However, the 2014 winter fly event was a different story... Had to fly there on wheels...
  • EFKH..but then converted to skis.
  • Lake JuolankajärviFrom EFKH approximately 30km north-east in the eastern ADIZ is a nice forest lake.
  • Lake Juolankajärvi...and a friend has a nice cottage there!
Ultimate freedom with snow skis!

In addition to float flying, ski flying is the best you can do with your aircraft. In the Northern Finland, we have few airfields, most of them closed during the winter. (Summer is just about 3 months...). Put your plane on snow skis and you have thousands of runways everywhere. Ski flying provides a lot of freedom but is challenging and requires skills and ability to read the conditions and handle the soft snow :)

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