Where no airfields exist

  • Lake KirkaslampiLake Kirkaslampi is a spring based small forest lake with crystal clear water. A nice fireplace and firewood available - free of charge!
  • Lake AittojärviLake Aittojärvi is a forest lake located in the eastern ADIZ, 4km from the Russian border
  • Lake HuuhilonjärviLocated in Kuhmo, Lake Huuhilonjärvi like thousands of other forest lakes can be reached with water planes
  • Lake PudasjärviLake Pudasjärvi is a pool in River Iijoki, approximately 80km upstream from the sea.
  • Lake KiantajärviLake Kiantajärvi is a 50km long beautiful lake close to the eastern border. A great place for trout and pike fishing!
  • Värttö Beach, River OulujokiJust 2km from downtown Oulu, a nice spot to pick-up a friend
  • Martinhovi shore, Gulf of BothniaOur water plane base.
  • Kropsu Island, Gulf of BothniaAbout 5km off the shore, a popular place to visit by local boat owners.
  • OH-U561 over River IijokiIkarus C42B on straight aluminium floats is close to a perfect light sport aircraft on floats. Neutral in the air and easy to handle in the water with no surprises.
  • Training at RaasakkaRaasakka is a 1st dam in River Iijoki from the sea. The pool above the power plant is a popular place to practise water flying.
  • Training at Raasakka
  • After landing at Raasakka
  • Training at Kurtinhauta bay, Gulf of Bothnia
  • They got it!
  • U561 in the clouds
  • SantapankkiSantapankki is a sand dune approximately 20km off the coast, 15km north of the city of Oulu. Photos tell the rest.
  • Santapankki
  • Santapankki
  • OH-U561 at SantapankkiIn summer 2013 we flew several times to the Sand Bank, this time with the club Ikarus.
  • SantapankkiOH-U561 and OH-U345 (STOL CH-701) at the Sand Bank
  • Santapankki
  • Pallonen at the horizonPallonen is a small rock in the sea with a small cabin built by local fishermen a long time ago.
  • Shit happens..It was a clear day, +25C. Suddenly, fog came like smoke over the trees and covered everything. No more flying that day...
Water flying is Fun!

Flying on floats really opens up the world in the Arctic. We have only few airfields - you can literally count the number of them with your fingers! On floats,,, well, that’s a different story. There are tens or hundreds of thousands of lakes and river spots you can use to land and take off with your float equipped aircraft. Just like on skis during winter - or even better.

Float flying provides you with plenty of freedom but there is no free lunch, as they say.  Flying on floats is challenging, the conditions are never the same. There are unknown factors, underwater rocks, logs that you just can not see from air. Power lines are killers, handling your aircraft on floats is much much more demanding than on wheels on a paved runway. 

You can learn to master all this - training, developing and following the routines, no risk taking, better safe than sorry - and float flying becomes just simply the best you can do with your Light Sport Aircraft!!!!

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