Where no airfields exist

Mar 2014

Strange winter

Decided to add one more photo, this is from Saturday. On Friday afternoon and evening it was snowing and we got the runway covered with snow. On Sunday it was almost gone but we got some more on Sunday evening.
However, it’s been a few weeks with almost no snow at all. We’re supposed to have at least half a meter at this time of the year and temperatures well below zero.

Global warming - a threat to ski-flying?

Lima-Sierra at EFAH
OH-XLS at EFAH on March 22nd, 2014

Sunday flying

On Sunday, 23rd of March, again, I went for a short flight trip. Just a few touch-and-go’s at local forest lakes. Then just sight-seeing. Nice to see how the spring approaches.
The runway had melted pretty badly so I had to use the 2,5 meter wide strip between the runway and the bumpy grass field to take off and land. This strip still had a solid good 5cm snow coverage :)

A couple of cell-phone photos:

Räkäsuo swamp area, a nature reserve 40km east of the city of Oulu

River Oulujoki
River Oulujoki

A Saturday trip to Lake Oulujärvi

On Saturday, the 22nd of March, we departed to Lake Oulujärvi with three aircrafts. Lake Oulujärvi is one of the largest lakes in Finland, located approximately 80km east of the city of Oulu.

A large island, Manamansalo, splits the lake in two main pools. The island itself is known of its beaches and pine forests and is a popular place for camping. We landed in front of a small harbour and went for a warm coffee in the local village store.

Martinlahti 1Martinlahti 2
OH-POK (PA-18 Mod), OH-XLS (C152 Mod), OH-U345 (STOL CH-701)

The guys continued further east but I decided to return as sun was melting our runway and as I’m flying on plain skis only, gotta find some snow..
On my way back I had a stop and a few touch-and-go’s at EFVL, which is an old WWII airbase with 800m gravel runway.

EFVL Airport
OH-U345 at EFVL ”apron”

The spring is approaching, thousands of swans had arrived to River Oulujoki (the small white dots)
River Oulujoki - Muhos

Fly trip continues

From EFKH continued to Lake Juolunkajärvi, 30km north-east, stayed over night and continued to Lake Kiantajärvi, further 80km north, where we put the plane on wheels. Take-off from lake ice with no problem! Then back to Oulu, to EFAH, our home airfield.

At Lake Juolunkajärvi
Just Arrived to Lake Juolankajärvi

U345 at Lake Juolankajärvi

Kuhmo Winter Fly-In

On Saturday, March 15th, I flew into Kuhmo, about 200km to the east to participate in a winter flying event!
Despite the excellent weather I was the only visitor on Saturday.

U345 at EHKH