Where no airfields exist

Oulu-Suomussalmi-Posio-Oulu 3.8.2014

On Sunday, 3.8.2014 we took off once again from our sea plane base at the Martinhovi Shore and flew our STOL 701 to Suomussalmi, close to the Russian border.
My co-pilot, Niklas, visited his grandparents and stayed there while I continued north to Posio to visit the Lake Livojärvi.
Lake Livojärvi is a Fabulous place with miles of soft sand and beaches. Crystal clear warm water, what a place to stop for a swim in a day like this.

The pilots right after take off

The pilots a few minutes later….

Lake Kiantajärvi ahead!
Lake Kiantajärvi ahead

Co-Pilot has docked the plane - now its time for some swimming :)

On The Way to Unknown
On the way to unknown… Never flown this route before and no idea of the landing spots…

Forests and swamps
Forest and swamps…..

Forests Swamps and Lakes
Forest and swamps and lakes….

Small creeks
Forest and swamps and lakes and small creeks...

The further north you get the less flat is the landscape… This hilltop is part of the Syöte National Park. The hill is called ”Pyhitys” and its the highest top in the park area reaching up to 422m ASL

After about one hour of flying - Lake Livojärvi ahead, behind; Lake Kitkajärvi and in the horizon the Fell Riisitunturi.

Livo Beach
The 701 resting on the Livo beach while the pilot is enjoying swimming.

Posio City
10 minutes further north is the Posio village, a gas station is located on the shore with a small beach to land for refuel.