Where no airfields exist

Lake Aittojärvi 26.7.2014

On Saturday, 26 July 2014 we packed our gear in the Zenair and headed for Lake Aittojärvi close to the eastern border. With some tailwinds it took 1h 25min to get there.
First thing to do was to cook some sausages on the open fire and then fishing! We had to return on Sunday morning. With not so lucky with the winds the return flight took 1h 45min.

On the way to Lake Aittojärvi

Pilot at Aittojärvi
The famous Z-Grin

Z parkissa 26.7.2014
The CH-701 docked at Lake Aittojärvi

Kalareissun tulos
Result of half an hour of trolling

JAWS! You would not like to have those jaws biting you! Naked swimming not recommended for males, you know ;)
Although rare, pikes actually may attack people hanging their fingers or toes in the water.

We have own natural well - spring water bubbling from the ground. Super cool and perfectly clear, ready-to-drink. No need to haul tap water from the village. We also used the water to keep the fish cool over the night.

After the fishing it was time to warm up the Sauna and enjoy the smooth steam (”löyly”) of the log sauna. You cannot really compare the urban city-saunas to the real log sauna on a forest lake. Its a different world :)

Typical landscape in the Oulu region, flat country with lakes and forests surrounded by swamps

On our way back we spotted a small forest fire. The fire plane was already there.