Where no airfields exist

  • Lake Kirkaslampi
  • Lake Huuhilojärvi, Kuhmo
  • Lake Aittojärvi, Suomussalmi
  • Santapankki, Gulf of Bothnia
  • Santapankki, Gulf of Bothnia
  • Colors of the Fall
  • Marks on the snow
  • STOL CH-701
  • OH-U345 at EFSU
  • Winter fleet at Sotkamo
  • North Pole?
  • OH-CSO
  • Nummijärvi Fly In 2013
  • Ice Fishing 7-o-fun
  • Over the forests and pines

This site presents photos, videos and stories about light sport aviation in Northern Finland close to the Arctic Circle. Light aircrafts equipped with snow skis or floats opens up the world of bush flying.

In addition to about a dozen official airfields, there are thousands of lakes that turn into perfect landing and take-off spots for a float plane. During winter, snow covers everything making lakes and swamps just perfect airfields.

Take a look at photos, videos and other information in the other pages in this site!

Below: Some highlights and great moments from our flying trips!

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EFAH Webcam

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